Job offering

AuditDepartment is in the process of legally founding its business and establishing our Country Offices in Hamburg and Milan. There are currently no vacancies for permanent jobs but given our ambition to grow across Europe we would encourage you to send us your CV and the subject(s) you are most interested in, if you consider working for. We will keep your data confidential for future reference and will come back to you once opportunities open up.

In addition we are establishing a small database for high quality audit managers who want to achieve dedicated freelance work for AuditDepartment, either independently run or as part of one of our audit teams in the region.

If you are interested to establish contact, please drop us a note to and we get back to you shortly to discuss a potential framework to work within and to explain our terms and conditions.

Please make yourself familiar with our core values by looking at the “Living our Values” tab. They are core for all of us at AuditDepartment and you need to buy into those and sign them off prior to any temporary job agreement.

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