Our people have successfully delivered individual tasks, projects and products for the following clients grouped by industry sector:

Foods and Beverages Industry:

  • BirdsEye United Kingdom
  • Lindt Sprüngli Italia
  • Unilever Deutschland Holding
  • Unilever Israel
  • Unilever Ghana Ltd
  • Unilever Mexico
  • Unilever Taiwan

Consumer Goods

  • Lever Faberge Sweden
  • Lever Faberge Finland
  • Lever Faberge Switzerland (HPC)
  • Elizabeth Arden, Switzerland
  • Philips Consumer Electronics, Germany
  • Philips Licht, Deutschland

Energy and Environment

  • Deutsche Shell GmbH, Germany
  • Kalorimeta AG, Germany

Public Services

  • Behörde für Strom und Hafenbau, Germany

Special Units

  • Trademark and Patent Office, UK
  • Financial Shared Services Chile (FSS)
  • Global Research and Development Centre

Banking and Insurance

  • Berolina Pensionskasse, Germany
  • Belegningsbanken NL

Information and Communication Technology

  • Foods Europe IT, Europe
  • GIO-ES, Europe
  • Orbis AG, Germany
  • Origin GmbH, NL and Germany
  • Regional IT Group Americas (Unilever Bestfoods)



Due to confidentiality laws, we are unable to publish further project details about our references on this website. However, if you are interested in particular aspects of our work, please don’t hesitate to contact your nearest country office drop us a line using .

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